1. Music Instruments
Students must have a decent 88-keys weighted keyboard or an acoustic piano. Kindly ensure that the piano is in tune.

2. Tuition Fee and Termination of Lessons
The teacher do not provide discount for siblings or families taking back-to-back lessons.

To avoid ethical and legal issues, the teacher will only accept piano students who had either withdrew from their instructors/schools or informed their previous teachers about their intention to switch instructor on their first lesson.

Trial lesson is available at the studio for $20/30 min. Only prospective students who are NOT recommended by tuition agent/s are eligible.

The fee will be collected on the first week of each month. 

Lessons are conducted weekly.

The fee may be revised quarterly, in accordance to the students’ progress and inflation. The rate may not necessary correspond with the grades on their piano/theory certificates as many students prefer to progress without examinations.

The students must give one month of advance notice to terminate lessons. There will be no refund if the student initiates the withdrawal.

3. Cancellation/Postponing Lessons
All regular lessons will be conducted based on the studio’s academic calendar.

There are 44 individual lessons per year.

Students may reschedule their lessons up to three times per academic year. Thereafter, the teacher will offer to make-up only if there is an open designated lesson slot at her convenience.

Home-tuition students may need to attend their replacement lessons at the teacher’s studio.

Please complete all the makeup lessons within one month. 

All outstanding postponed lessons will be forfeited by 31st December.

Studio: Enrolling for lessons reserves a student’s spot in the teacher’s schedule for the entire duration, regardless of the student’s attendance (or lack of it).  Hence the teacher does not make up “forgotten” lessons where she receives no notice. There will be absolutely no refunds, credits or tuition adjustment for uninformed missed lessons.

Home Tutoring: Similarly if the teacher is not notified in advance about the student’s plan to postpone his/her lesson and turned up at the student’s place, she will expect a full fee.

Students should contact the teacher at least two days in advance to cancel or postpone their lessons. 

They are however strongly discouraged from diverging from their normal lesson too often as it is counterproductive to learning. Frequent absence may result in an adjustment in the fee or dismissal. When students plan to take a long break, the teacher should be notified well in advance.

In the unusual event of the teacher cancelling a lesson, she will either: 

• Reschedule a makeup lesson at the earliest possible time; 

• Recruit a qualified relief teacher to stand in for that lesson; 

• Schedule an online lesson and reimburse the commuting fee.

5. Practices and Parental Involvement
Unless the student is exceptionally talented, S/he is expected to practice at least four days per week. When preparing for a performance, examination or competition, students may need to increase the practice time dramatically. Short sessions of fifteen minutes, two or three times per day usually produce very good results for early beginners. By the time an average 7-years old child reaches grade one, s/he should had clocked in approximately 102 hours (4 days x 52 weeks x 30 min) of quality practice.

Parental support is an extremely important factor in musical training. Children whose parents take an active and honest interest in their children’s progress tend to be more productive. For very young students, a parent is expected to assist him/her at home on a daily basis and must assume the responsibility for supervising the practice. Parents are highly encouraged to sit in during lessons, regardless of the students’ age.

Parents should have a realistic expectation about their children’s progress. They must refrain from enrolling their children for practical examinations if they wish to treat the piano study as a hobby rather than a discipline. Inadequate practice usually hinders the student’s progress.

6. Dismissal
Students may be dismissed from lessons for any of the following: inadequate practice in quality or quantity; failure to complete written work; lack of progress or interest; excessive un-notified absences; excessive postponing and/or cancellation of lessons; frequent late payment of fees; disrespectful or uncooperative attitude.

7. Group Lessons /Rehearsals /Performance
A minimum of two participations of rehearsals and performances per year are mandatory. Students who are not sitting for practical examinations are encouraged to participate in all the performances and commit to such events, at least one month in advance, thereby giving ample time to prepare their respective piece(s).

8. Recording
Students’ lessons and performance may be recorded for educational purposes. Their lessons and/or performances may be posted on the web.

9. Disagreement
Should any student/parent disagree with any of the clause, please discuss before the trial/first lesson.

9. Policy Change
The above policies may change from time to time. Please refer to this site for changes.