Both my children started piano since they were 3 and 4 years old. They are now 16 and 15-yo teens. Of all the piano teachers we engaged (from 8-year stint at Yamaha Music School followed by private tutors), I can sincerely and assuredly say that Miss Kee is The Best. She is very sincere, patient, super-dedicated, honest and her heart is always for students in her care to love/enjoy piano and to do their best. Both teens passed practical and theory (Grade 5) exams against the odds through her hard work and exceptional efforts to encourage them.

Miss Kee has a special touch to engage my teens in their own styles to learn with curiousity. Her teaching style is customised to each child. I like very much that she organises quarterly piano recitals with a sizable audience to encourage pianist performance confidence. I am very grateful to Miss Kee for her advice on/off piano for the teens. I found her by Google-search reading other parents’ testimonials and we must say we feel very blessed/proud to call her our teens’ teacher. I highly recommend Miss Kee.

Mrs EK Tan, April 2024

Dear Teacher Kee,

I wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all that you have done for me as my piano teacher. Your dedication to my musical education has been truly remarkable, and I cannot thank you enough for the time, energy, and expertise you have invested in me.

Thanks to your guidance and expertise, I have been able to achieve distinction consistently in my ABRSM exams. Your ability to tailor your teaching approach to my individual needs and goals has been invaluable as I have worked to develop my skills and knowledge of music theory. Your passion and dedication to my success have been truly inspiring, and I am so grateful for all that you have done to help me reach my full potential as a pianist.

Additionally, I want to thank you for all of the external programs that you have exposed me to. From masterclasses to musical recitals, you have given me opportunities to learn from other musicians and expand my knowledge of music beyond our lessons. Your commitment to providing me with a well-rounded musical education has been one of the many things that sets you apart as an exceptional teacher.

In short, I am grateful for all that you have done for me as my piano teacher. Your impact on my musical journey has been immeasurable, and I will always be obliged for the knowledge, skills, and passion that you have shared with me. Thank you for being an incredible teacher and mentor.

– Shravan Muralidharan, April 2023

Nethra cleared Piano grade 3 with distinction (93.5/100). No small feat considering the fact that she wasn’t even half way ready 1.5 months back.

Thanks to

  • Teacher Kee for her forever innovative ways in motivating and encouraging Nethra to practice. She also comes up with novel ideas and tips on how to learn and understand the nuances of a piece.
  • Eugene and Samantha who went out of their ways to guide and help her.
  • Guru for mediating our fights
  • And last but not the least, her own hard work and God’s blessing.

Proud of you Nethra and all the effort you had put in. Hope you will remember that this is just the beginning and that hard work always pays (See, I have publicly acknowledged your efforts and your musical skills, but sorry I will still point out your mistakes)

-Sangeetha Guruvayurappan, July 2017 (source: facebook)

Ms Kee is definitely not a “SUPER STRICT” teacher who will hit your knuckles with rulers when you play wrongly, but putting masking tapes on your fingers maybe the strictest thing that she will do during your learning journey!XD As a dedicated teacher, she always tries to find different creative ways to cater to the needs of her students (eg. fundamental fingering techniques and skills).

Of all the piano teachers I have met, she is the only one who loves sharing and joking about the composers’ history and stories and links them to the musical pieces. An example is about the Haydn’s childhood — cutting off the pigtail of another boy in his choir:D

Pls excuse my grammar mistakes, they love playing hide and seek too

-Samantha Lee Yuan, Oct 2016

Ms Kee is a very caring and committed teacher who works endlessly to help her students improve. She effectively develops her students’ technical abilities and also aims to help her students develop their own musical flair and style. In addition, her regular class-hours and concerts provide excellent platforms for her students to showcase their abilities and gain valuable experience in performing. All in all, she is a dedicated teacher who seeks to develop her students’ overall musicianship skills and bring out the best in them.

– Eugene Ho, Oct 2016

“Kee is a responsible and delicated teacher. Her ability in helping students understand topics in music theory is excellent. She gave her very best to help us during our preparation for ABRSM grade 5 exam when we were just 2 months away from the actual exam. We will never forget the day before the actual paper when she stayed with us to revise our work till midnight! Thank you so much for your effort and patience in teaching us. Your hard work and dedication is greatly appreciated!!”

– Charis & Javen, March 2011
* updated on 11/05/2011: Charis and Javen passed their grade 5 theory examinations.

“I’ll always remember the day when I first stepped into Ms Kee’s piano practicing room knowing nothing about playing the piano (except maybe the occasional Christmas jingles), and the day when I stepped out of the room 19 months later (now able to play pieces by composers such as Debussy and Beethoven).

Although my time spent with Ms Kee is considered short when compared to others (a little less than 2 years), the knowledge that I’ve gained from her teaching will definitely last me a lifetime!

Thank you, Ms Kee, for introducing the numerous lovely pieces of classical music to me. And thank you for always being patient when guiding me through the nitty-gritty technical details in each classical piece until I am able to play them. =) ”

–Yi Jie, Sept 2010

“Ms Kee is a dedicated teacher with immense passion in music and teaching. She is always well-prepared for her lessons and incorporates various resources to aid her students in their learning. She is also able to tailor the lessons according to individual interests so that her students sustain their interest in the lessons. Her strong emphasis on technical skills gives me the foundation I need as an adult beginner. By emphasising skills and not just plain playing of notes, I am able to transfer what I learn from a piece of music to other pieces with similar composition. Her supportive but no-nonsense approach makes learning enjoyable. I look forward to her lessons each week.”

-Zhenli, Sept 2010

“I am Liu Wing Lam, 10 years old this year. I am having piano lessons in Cristofori Music School for almost 4 years. The first teacher I have met was Ms Kee. She is one of the best piano teacher I have met. She is very patient, kind, sweet and lovely person. I remember the first time I saw her, I was very scared. But whenever she smiles, I felt very comfortable, and I was not scared anymore. After that, I would always look forward for another piano lesson. I treated her as my best friend, not teacher. I felt so lucky to have such a teacher.”

-Liu Wing Lam, Oct 2010

“Miss Kee is a very dedicated, skillful as well as a knowledgeable piano teacher. She is a gentle and patience towards me. She tries to understand me and works on my weakness. She works hard to correct my mistakes and improving them.

I have improved since I started lessons with her. I enjoy every lesson with her and always looking forward to attend her class. I am grateful to Miss Kee for being such a special and wonderful teacher. She is the best piano teacher I have ever met and I wish her all the best.”

– Ophelia Chong, Nov 2010,